Terms & Conditions 5k Weekender

5K Friday, Saturday & Sunday



  • The promotion will be drawn every Friday, Saturday & Sunday night from 2nd April 2021 to 30th January 2022.
  • The promotion will be held every Friday, Saturday & Sunday during the promotional period, between 5.00 pm and 10.00 pm.


  • Prize draws will be conducted from a Random Number Generator, containing the current Penrith RSL Club membership number range every Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening at the following times: 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm 8.30 pm & 9.30 pm.
  • Managers will check that the selected number belongs to a financial member before the winner is announced.
  • The MC will announce each draw winner via the club PA system.
  • Members must be on the premises, within the Club, at the time their name is drawn and announced over the Club’s PA System to be eligible to claim their prize.
    • “Within the Club” refers to inside the Penrith RSL Club Limited, including all areas on ground level, level one and level two of the club.
    • Any person who is in the Penrith RSL Club car park or on the footpath surrounding the Club at the time of the draw announcement will not be considered eligible to claim the prize.
  • Members will have four minutes from the time of the announcement to present themselves to management to claim their prize.
  • If the member presents themselves to management within the 4-minute time frame, they will win the $5,000 prize and the promotion will cease in the club for the evening. One draw only will occur at 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm on draw nights.
  • If the member does not present themselves to management within the 4 minute period, they will forfeit their prize.
  • Any unclaimed prizes at the end of a draw night will not jackpot.
  • If the prize remains unclaimed after the 9.30 pm draw, the prize is forfeited for the evening and the promotion will cease, except on the last Friday, Saturday of any calendar month, when the prize must be won.


  • Members can swipe their membership card at the reward centres from 5.00 pm till 9.15 pm on the last Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the month.
  • One swipe ticket per member per promotional period will be issued. The member must place their ticket into the nominated promotional barrel.
  • Drawn tickets will not be returned to the barrel and the barrel will be emptied at the conclusion of each draw date.
  • All current financial members may swipe their card to gain entry for this draw.
  • On the last Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the month the 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm 8.30 pm, and 9.30 pm draws from the number generator containing the membership range will take place. If won during one of these draws, the prize amount will be the full $5,000.
  • In the event that the $5,000 prize amount is claimed during the main draws on last Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the month, the promotion will cease and no barrel draws will take place.
  • In the event that the $5,000 prize remains unclaimed after the final Friday, Saturday & Sunday draw at 9.30 pm, the prize will be split into $1.000 prizes, drawn one at a time from the promotional barrel.
  • Barrel draws will only occur on the last Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the month where the $5,000 prize amount has not been claimed.
  • Barrel draws will begin as soon as the 9.30 pm main draw is confirmed as unclaimed.

In the event that the member drawn is not present within the 4 minute period, another barrel draw will be conducted for that particular prize. Draws will continue to be conducted one at a time for one prize at a time until all prizes have been claimed.

  • The prize will be dispersed to 5 winners in the following amounts, in drawn order:
    • Draw 1 = $1000 Prize amount
    • Draw 2 = $1000 Prize amount
    • Draw 3 = $1000 Prize amount
    • Draw 4 = $1000 Prize amount
    • Draw 5 = $1000 Prize amount
  • In the event that any of the prizes from Members swipe barrel remain unclaimed at the Club’s closing time, draws will cease for the evening. Tickets will remain in the barrel and will be used to continue draws the following evening.
  • Outstanding prizes draws will continue the following evening from 6.00 pm until all prizes have been claimed.


Average Draws – 100
Total average prize pool- $50,000


  1. Patrons must have a current Penrith RSL Club Membership Card to participate.
  2. Penrith RSL Club (The Club) in its reasonable discretion may (but is not obliged to) cancel, suspend, terminate, modify or adjourn the promotion of any of the draw or any processes for the selection of any winner, where circumstances unexpected by the Club arise in relation to the promotion or a draw. Unexpected circumstances could include (but are not limited to) technical difficulties, power outages, infection by computer virus, computer bug, tampering, unauthorised intervention, technical failures or errors and any other unexpected circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Club which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct as planned of the promotion. The Club’s rights are subject to any direction given under any relevant legislation or in connection with any permit under which the promotion is conducted.
  3. The Club is not responsible for members being located in areas within the Club’s premises in which PA announcements are not able to be heard, nor for the audible integrity of those announcements.
  4. Prizes are strictly not transferable or negotiable.
  5. In the event that the host or employees of the club announce different prize amounts, prize amounts are as per the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Prizes are not transferable or negotiable.
  7. A person by claiming or accepting a prize agrees that the Club may use their name, suburb, photograph, image for the purpose of promoting the Club and agrees to cooperate with the Club to allow their photo to be taken for those purposes.
  8. To claim the prize, members must produce their membership card as proof of current membership.
  9. Members must be present on Club premises at the actual time of the draw to win and have 4 minutes to claim prize.
  10. All draws will be conducted by Apple Server Time. (Apple Iphone)
  11. Management & their partners, Staff and Contractors of Penrith RSL Club Limited are ineligible to enter.
  12. In the event that members have any issues with the draw, their first point of call is the host doing the draw to sort out the complaint at that time, in the event that the complaint has not been resolved only then should the manager be advised.
  13. In the event that Management of Penrith RSL Club deem that participants are acting in a manner not in the spirit of the promotion via collusion or other such means, such as swiping other members membership cards. Penrith RSL Club reserves the right to suspend conducting any portion of this promotion until such time as a proper investigation can be completed into any such act. Penrith RSL may also disqualify member and associates from the promotion acting in a manner, not in the spirit of the promotion.
  14. In all cases, the decision of the most Senior Manager on-premises at the time of the draw is absolute. All decisions are final.
  15. All winners over the value of $1000 will be published on the Club’s website within 14 days of the draw.