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The 2019 Winter Season of Field Hockey has come to an end, but what a fantastic season it was. This year the Penrith RSL Hockey Club had a total of five teams, an under 8s, under 11s, two adult female teams in 1st and 2nd division, and one adult male 1st division team.

2019 was all about change for these teams, we saw our old outdated uniforms change to stunning modern design, thanks to Chris from A for Art. The new shirts show the commitment and faith that Penrith RSL has in our local sports clubs. Every player within the teams was ecstatic about the new shirts, even our competitors loved them. And with the bright vibrant colours, everyone in the Nepean Hockey association knows when the teams at Penrith RSL are playing.

The Under 8s, they played amazing all season round, and under the guidance of Coach Gav, we saw them improve every game with their core skills, these skills is running with the ball, stopping the ball, and passing the ball. With each of these core ball skills, the kids need to use their stick as the main, and only point of contact. And finally, the most important core skill of all, teamwork. Each game we saw the kids work as a unit to score a number of goals, while the under 8s is a non-competitive age group, it was still fantastic for the kids to achieve this, and by the end of the season, they were a strong team.

Our under 11s is also a non-competitive comp which starts to incorporate actual field positions, rules, and a fully kitted goalie. This year we saw 14-year-old Reece, step up to coach the under 11s, and being a Rep player himself, and with the support of Coach Bill, he was able to develop a very strong Under 11s side. The fantastic benefit of this age group is that the kids can try each position, giving them a taste of what they like before entering the competitive rounds in the under 13s competition. During their training Coach Reece and Coach Bill honed the kid’s balls skills, turning them into a very strong team for 2019, and definitely the squad to watch out for.

The adult teams, played hard and fair this season, making us known as the club that never gives up, and strikes hard. This year our 1st division female team, made it all the way to the finals, before getting knocked out of the competition just before the grand finals, but we are still super proud of our ladies. Our 1st Division Male, and 2nd Division Female teams, didn’t make the finals this year, but they gave it a red hot crack, we look forward to seeing what they can do next season.

We are excited about the 2020 winter season, and we plan to field more teams. But for now, we are gearing up for our summer, and indoor competitions for 2019.

Come along and join our Club, for further information please call:

Tiffany Watson
0430 736 773

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