Have you ever wondered how time just seems to get away from us over the course of a year. It’s been nine months since the 2016 AGM and so much has happened at Penrith RSL Club. Firstly an apology! In my first report to you as Chairman of Penrith RSL I forgot to welcome Mick McConnell as the newest member of the Board.  I’m sure that Mick’s past experience in military and community matters will be a valued contribution to us.

I indicated in my last report that we are entering an exciting era for Penrith RSL and that continues today. Patronage of our Sports Bar has grown comfortably since it opened and along with that the new TAB installation has been welcomed by members. TAB revenue has grown significantly since the relocation. I have also noted that our two remaining snooker tables get plenty of use by patrons.

One of the most significant changes the club has undertaken has been to introduce more product from Carlton United Brewery and the installation of our Brewery Fresh Carlton Draught Tank Beer. To quote from the CUB website:

The glorious copper tanks of Brewery Fresh Carlton Draught Tank Beer are a testament to Carlton Draught's unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest draught beer. For beneath that shimmering copper lies a vast golden sea of unpasteurized Carlton Draught.

Unpasteurized beer is the purist's beer, as unlike other beers, it is not heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process. It is Carlton Draught served as the brewer intended with a lively taste profile and a smooth finish. Our fanatical commitment to freshness dictates that our Tank Beer is decanted straight from the bright beer tank and transported cold to the venue straight from the brewery.

Why do we go to such extraordinary lengths to serve the freshest draught beer? Well, just one taste and you'll understand.

If you have never tasted fresh unpasteurized beer then why not give it a try next time you visit the club? – you’ll be presently surprised.

After a long wait, Monkey Mania is now open. Judging by the popularity, Monkey Mania will be a part of the Penrith RSL Club family for a long time. The opening was delayed a couple of months due to the necessary upgrading of the downstairs area. Building codes have changed significantly since the old part of the club was built and we had to spend a significant amount to upgrade the downstairs facility.

Most of the major construction to the old Legends area was done in-house by our own maintenance team. Our thanks to Les Harris, Keleti Peleti and Aprim David for their commitment to detail in the construction which has saved the club a significant amount of money.

This calendar year we have planned a number of ongoing upgrades including the functions kitchen and toilets in that area. Apart from the cosmetic aspect, the functionality and service for functions will be improved.

As the demand for meeting space increases we are also building a new multi-function meeting room south of the Castle Lounge which will accommodate companies running training programmes or need meeting areas as well as a new permanent home for our Darts teams.

A new makeover for the Sub-Branch area will also be underway soon with a larger footprint for the various offices as well as the installation of a much-needed toilet for patrons use. We are also planning to improve restricted access to the Sub-Branch via the Castlereagh Street entrance.

You may have noted on the electronic TV screens that the Annual General Meeting of Penrith RSL Club is scheduled for Wednesday 3 May at 7:00 pm. Our triennial election process ensures that there is continuity of the Board and there are two positions to be decided upon by the members this year. The Board positions that are to be decided are for one RSL Member currently held by me and one Associate Member currently held by Stephen Jose.

For anyone thinking of nominating for a Board position, there will be a compulsory information evening on Wednesday 5 April at 6:00 pm. Nominations submitted without attending the information evening will not be accepted by the CEO.

An important part of the business for the AGM will be the Special Resolutions to amend the constitution that will need to be voted on. These will be available on the Club’s notice board and website in due course.

While Special Resolutions can only be voted on by RSL members, it is important that all members of Penrith RSL Club understand their relevance. Please take the time to read the proposed resolutions and if you have any questions, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer them. While our constitution stipulates that only RSL members can vote on Special resolutions, I would invite our associate members to participate in the discussion.

It has been quite some time since a Life Membership nomination has been put forward to the members for endorsement at a General Meeting. As we generally only have the one such meeting each year, that being the AGM, now would be an appropriate time for nominations to be presented to the Board.

If anyone is considering nominating a member whom they feel has contributed significantly to the club then contact CEO Neel Chand who will send you the necessary nomination form and criteria required. Following is an excerpt from the Club’s Constitution for member’s information.


10.11   A Life member shall be any member who in consideration of long or meritorious service to the Club has been granted Life membership of the Club in accordance with this Constitution.

10.12   Life membership may only be conferred at a general meeting of the Club (including an Annual General Meeting).

10.13   Candidates for Life membership shall be proposed by one and seconded by another RSL member, Associate member or Life member and submitted to the Board for approval.

10.14   If a nomination for Life membership is approved by the Board, the nomination shall be referred to the next general meeting of the Club and not less than twenty-one (21) days written a notice of the nomination shall be given to all members eligible to vote at that meeting.

10.15   If a nomination for Life membership is not approved by the Board, the nomination shall not be submitted to a general meeting of the Club.

10.16   If a nomination for Life membership is approved by a resolution passed by a simple majority of the members present and voting at the general meeting the person nominated shall thereby be a Life member of the Club.

10.17   Every Life member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the category of membership held by that member immediately prior to the election to Life membership.

10.18   A Life member is relieved from the payment of any annual subscription.

10.19   Employees of the Club may not be elected Life members if the long and meritorious service rendered by the employee to the Club is service for which the employee was paid or is being paid by the Club.

The Club has had a good 2016 and things are looking great for 2017 showing strong growth in all areas. Penrith RSL regularly outperforms many larger clubs thanks to our loyal members and visitors. I’ll leave the statistical analysis for CEO Neel Chand’s report.

The Board’s decision to not continue with the Children’s Christmas function at Penrith Paceway was not taken lightly and we considered all the facts and statistics before making a final resolution. Yes, we considered value for money as well as involvement with the club and yes we are still committed to families, however not in its present form. We are also looking at support for those less fortunate children who struggle over the Christmas period.

Penrith RSL Club has a bright future and the Board and the Senior Management Team will be spending time together in April at a strategic planning seminar to work on and develop long-term plans for the Club, it’s members and the Penrith community.

One would view our aim today as to continue the journey in order to make Penrith RSL Club a place for families and friends to visit, relax and enjoy each others company while continuing to support our local community.

I hope you will join us at the AGM on 3 May.


Frank Portelli - Chairman

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