NChand[2]But wait, there’s more…………as our club continues to evolve, we see the next two years as being even more exciting.

Some of the major turning points in our success over the past two years has been the introduction of Maze Café and Function Centre, the launch of Star Buffet – a 650 seat premium buffet, the construction of the multi-story car park and the total refurbishment of level one of the club, which hosts the Castle Bar and Lounge, the Waves Bar and lounge, and other entertainment facilities. The consistent growth in visitation and overall growth in club membership has been a direct result of all the refurbishment in addition to changes key changes in products and services offered throughout the club.

These changes have had a positive knock-on effect to the community, allowing us to offer further employment opportunities and increased funding to local charities via the ClubGRANTS scheme. We have been able to further assist our intra-clubs with increased financial support, and will actively look at extending our base of youth intra-clubs.

over the next two years you will see your club continue to grow and upgrade its facilities

So, what’s next…………over the next two years you will see your club continue to grow and upgrade its facilities, introducing a comfortable and modern sports lounge, redevelopment of the lower floor of the club and additional products and services to enhance your experience and enjoyment.

I would like to thank-you for your continued support and encouragement as we rapidly approach the end of 2013, and would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season and new year.

Neel Chand
Chief Executive Officer