SGT Julie Mayor

SGT Julie Mayor joined Royal Australian Navy in 1989 as a Writer. Julie had a number of postings in Maritime Headquarters and worked mainly in the Intel space. In late 1994 discharged from RAN after birth of first child and worked as a RAN High Readiness reserve.

Julie transferred from RAN to RAAF and worked in many capacities at RAAF Glenbrook, eg PA to Air Commander. In 2006 Julie commenced work in Personnel Operations space which is where members are selected for deployments. It is a very high tempo position.

Julie was promoted to SGT in 2009. Was a lead Personnel planner for a number of international exercises and attended many of these exercises both at home and overseas. When not on a full time contract with RAAF, worked 200 days per year in the deployment space and was studying of a night.

As a now single mum, Julie was selected to deploy in March 2014, leaving the three girls and one brand new baby grand daughter at home. Julie’s eldest daughter looked after the two younger girls during this time.

Deployed on Op Slipper and Op Accordion and then was extended in her deployment role with the commencement of Operation Okra to work in the PERS space in the deployed environment. Julie deployed as the Senior Non Commissioned Officer Accommodation Clerk, looking after the hundreds of personnel that were deployed to, or transitted through the camp. After 3 months in this deployment role, she moved across to the Joint ADF  Headquarters and worked looking after personnel travelling into AFG, Qatar or other locations as well as military and civilian visitors and VIP visitors to the whole of the Middle East Area of Operations. Her home coming was delayed for one month as she again transitioned into a new role assisting incoming personnel and the setting up of Operation Okra.

Returned to work as the Operation OKRA desk officer due to the first hand experience on deployment.

In Oct 2016 started work as the Unit Welfare Officer at 1Camando Regiment RANDWICK Barracks and currently working with a number of members – both male and female – who are Wounded, Injured or Ill.