Sub Branch Report

Sub-Branch Report

Our Office is located on the Ground Floor of Penrith RSL Club, at the corner of Castlereagh and Lethbridge Street. Access to our office must be obtained though the Club’s main entrance on Tindale Street.

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 9.30 am – 2.30 pm
Contact: (02) 4728 5225

Welfare & Pensions

Our Welfare Officer is available on Tuesdays to assist with claims at the sub-Branch office. He also attends Governor Phillip Hospital on Thursdays for our contemporary veterans.

VEA applicants are often applying for an increase in disability pensions due to the clinical worsening of accepted conditions. There is an increase in MRCA disability applications from contemporary veterans of more recent deployments.

Our Welfare Co-ordinator having completed the transition to ATDP2 Advocate is also the regional mentor for potential volunteer practitioners in Penrith/Nepean/Blue Mountains/Lithgow as a member of DVA’s Regional Management Group NSW/ACT/WA.

With one Welfare Officer completing the online training modules, there is now only the need to undertake the face to face one day course to be fully qualified in the ATDP role. His contribution and understanding of the online claims submission have been outstanding.

Homeless Veterans Programme

Our relationship with the manager of the Homeless Veterans Wing has assisted markedly in the Welfare Coordinator assisting the residents with their DVA submissions, but importantly the ongoing support from the Sub Branch, in general, is greatly appreciated.

DVA & Defence Wellness Programs

NLHC (Non-Liability Health Care):

Members are reminded if they are obtaining treatment under this scheme, it applies to both service & non-service related disabilities. If it is service-related there is still the need to submit a claim to DVA within six months, this especially is applicable to mental health submissions.

DAHCES (Defence Asbestos and Hazardous Chemical Exposure Scheme):

If members have been exposed or believe they have been exposed to the following list of Hazardous Chemicals (Aqueous Forming Foams, Asbestos, Beryllium, Cadmium, Diesel Exhaust, Inorganic Chromium or Chromate, Range Fuel or Tritium) they should register with Department of Defence (not DVA). Go to the sub-Branch website or Facebook page to find out how to register.


The sub-Branch website can be accessed through the Penrith RSL website. It has pages on the Penrith Women’s auxiliary, Nepean Valley Day Club, Swimming Club, Penrith National Serviceman’s Association, Vale and other interesting information.
Click here for sub Branch website:


The name of the Facebook page is Penrith RSL sub-Branch, please invite your friends and family to join and let us know of any items that may be of interest or benefit to our Veterans.


We still need to attract younger members including women and ex-service personnel. We continue to work with both the Air Force bases in Glenbrook and Orchard Hills as well as Army Units; 5 Engineer Regiment, 176 Air Despatch Squadron.

To assist current veterans and attract younger members we will soon be opening a drop-in center. Details are still to be arranged with the club as we are currently in the midst of renovations.

If anyone has any ideas for attracting new members please let us know.


Please note the General Meetings are now on the third Wednesdays of the month.


Mick Visinko – Honorary Secretary

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