9 pm in the Castle Lounge

Bring on THE WEEKEND! Every Friday night we celebrate all your favourite bands with our themed tribute nights including cocktail specials!

Check out our MASSIVE line up of awesome live acts……

February 2019
1st – Endless Summer Beach Party
8th – Bad 80’s Show
15th – Creedence Show + Women Of Rock
22nd – Big Way Out

March 2019
1st – Blackstar
8th – Crawl Files
15th – Soundproofed 80’s
22nd – Iron Lion
29th – Aus. Blink 182 Show

April 2019
5th – Krazy Kat
12th – One Hit Wonders
19th – Damage Inc.
26th – Byran Adams Show

May 2019
3rd – Big Way Out
10th – Oz Icons
17th – Endless Beach Summer Party
24th – Born Jovi
31st – Cover X

June 2019
7th – Iron Lion
14th – Coverpalooza
21st – Mad Rhino
28th – Bad 80’s Band